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This site is dedicated to the universe builders, and the complex web of wonderful books they weave.

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What makes Reading Order different from a timeline or list?
My favorite story type is the Space Opera. Many of them encompass dozens of books. Some of these books span only a few days, while others span years or even centuries. Add in the books with simultaneous events (i.e. different stories with events happening at the same time), and you’ve got a very messy timeline. presents the books in a way that shows you how the books relate to each other.
  • The books are in chronological order. With thick arrows pointing to the next book, and thin dashed arrows pointing to offshoots (aka side quests).
  • The size of the book’s box does not indicate length (neither time nor page count). The boxes change size only as need to show relationship to other stories.
  • Keep an eye out for stars that indicate good starting points. And warning signs that offer advice on avoiding spoilers.
Update 5-3-2024
Welcome to the new site. All the data is migrated and I've created new timeline and list views. I'll work on the editing controls next.
Update 1-11-2024
Sadly, this site is in read-only mode for a while. A few years ago when I chose my database provider, I chose poorly. I chose FaunaDB because they offered a native graph database with graphql support, which was great. I was using graphql in my day job, and Fauna made what I wanted to do really easy. What went wrong? They're dropping graphql support and requiring me to rewrite my code to use their custom query language. I'd rather migrate to mongodb. My plan (techno babble):
  • Migrate to mongodb
  • Update nextjs latest version with the latest developer bells & whistles
    • app dir instead of pages
    • server actions instead of custom api
  • Attempt better mobile support for the timeline
What does this mean for you? I've made a backup of everything, and the site is running off a cache. You'll be able to see everything, but there will not be any updates (new books, etc.) until I've completed the work.
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